CELESTE Classic TAS Database



Main Categories:
Any%				(1:37.13)
100%				(1:57.77)*
Gemskip Any%			(1:42.20)
Gemskip 100%			(2:08.17)*

Miscellaneous Categories:
Gemskip Key%
Gemskip No Diagonal Dashes		(1:54.40)
Human Key%
Minimum Dashes			(2:07.83)	(36 Dashes)
No Diagonal Dashes Any%		(1:45.53)

Arielle Any%			(40.60)
Everred Normal Any%		(1:16.67)
Everred Trueskip Any%		(1:16.83)
Funklost Any% (To be added later)
Impossibleste Any%
Noeleste Any%			(58.53)
Oldsite Any%			(xx:xx)**
Oldsite 100%			(xx:xx)**
Perisher Any%			(xx:xx)**
Terra Australis Any%		(1:37:70)
Terra Australis 100%		(2:12.30)
* Needs to be recorded
** Broken TAS

Last Update: 03/04/2020, 20:50 (UTC+1)

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