pico-8 0.2.5g
(c) 2014-23 lexaloffle games llp

> load celia

WARNING: The web port of celia is rudimentary, unstable, innacurate, and outdated. It's fundamentally incompatible with some carts (ones that make extensive use of closures in code) that desktop celia has no issues with. Custom carts don't work on chromium-based browsers at the moment. There is currently no way to restore backups (even though they're still saved) or change keybindings (even though the functionality is there). Due to how Celia works it consumes a lot of memory and is likely to freeze. There have been a couple reports of crashes that I can't even explain. It's also many commits behind upstream, missing some small fixes done there. Use the upstream (offline) if possible.

Drag and drop pico-8 carts or TAS files on the game window to open them.

This program also runs offline, provided you install LOVE2D.

Built with love.js
Hint: Reload the page if screen is blank

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